Whats the point of any relationship, if you cannot be dead honest with each other? Why can’t you express things with ease and frankness and be sure that the other person will take it in stride, with the knowledge that he/she has the right to express his/her sentiments exactly the same way as well?




3 thoughts on “Aargh!

  1. Safire..

    This is your wwb mate..wind, pulled here thro ur profile..It gave me a good glimpses of you…! I love reading your writings..Keep doing it! All my wish..

    Wind..as u know!

  2. You’re absolutely right Summi.

    Really, marriage (or a serious relationship that you think can lead to marriage) is the most important relationship that we have in life and this relationship must help us grow too.

    After all, isn’t our spouse/partner supposed to be our best friend in the first place? There is no such thing as a perfect marriage(or romance), but any marriage(or serious commitment) is definitely a perfect example of balance in life. i think a “Happily ever after” for me would boil down to “All of me & All of You”.that’s not so bad now..or is it?

    my mom always said to me..”There is a way to tell the truth, the whole truth but still ..there is a way to say it”. Being honest in a relationship also means that you need to be tactful when being honest.

    Don’t overlook the other person’s faults just to keep a relationship with them. This is not being honest either. You are not being totally honest in the relationship when you aren’t trying to help your friend. Trust in a relationship comes from being honest and compassionate not overlooking faults but being tolerant.

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