Restoration of Judiciary- Adlia ki Bahali

We lawyers are usually very poised and speak in measured tones, feigning elegance and properness (if that is word). Phir adlia behal hui ( and then the judiciary was restored), and we let loose all the inhibitions. There was the dhol (drum) , and our euphoria took over us. We danced. We screamed. We cried. We laughed. We celebrated. And the nation celebrated with us, except for a few cynical beings. Yes, the shareef ( reference to the politician, Nawaz Shareef) , did not show sharafat at all, and although i am certainly not a supporter of him or his political party- but i also cannot deny the fact that he did play  a huge role in this fight- especially at the last mile, even if it was for his own interests.

No. I did not dance or scream to be dead honest. Working inhouse in the  legal department of a private company, means that you are cut off from mainstream practicing lawyers. I did not participate in the Long March , or took part in the strikes. I was busy working and vetting agreements, at my comfortable deskjob.

The day , the Prime Minister made the announcement for restoring the judiciary, i had infact taken a day’s sick leave. But my spirit soared when the Prime Minsister made the speech. The lawyers did it. The judiciary was restored. So if someone wants to do bhangra and shout out a Braaaaaaa, by all means – do- for tomorrow, you will be back in the courts, with the same serious face and professionalism , fighting for your clients, and justice.

The world will not be perfect. Poverty will not vanish from Pakistan. Corruption and feudalism  may not loosen its vice like grip easily, but the step has been taken. There has been a mini revolution. Maybe i am naive and a wee bit optimistic. Maybe i should know better than to raise my hopes. But that’s just me.  :)

“Girti hui Deewaron ko, Ek Dakha aur do.”

(Give another push (shove) to the crumbling walls.) ;)

ps. I do not want to spoil the jubilations, but i want to clarify, that i never supported Chaudhry Iftikhar. I hate the fact that his face has been used like a branding tactic on flags and flyers . The struggle was never for him . It was for the restoration of judiciary. Technically, i feel that he should resign from his post now. Why? you ask? Because he has the constitution’s blood on his hands as well. He is just lucky that it has gone unnoticed for a much bigger and nobler cause.




2 thoughts on “Restoration of Judiciary- Adlia ki Bahali

  1. very well written. agree with it 100% … especially the last para with reference to CJ. He has abused his position as well but since the unfortunate timing of Mush conveniently covered it up for him, he has gotten away with it. He is now a completely politicized entity.

    if you haven’t gone through this blog of mine, i am sure it will be of interest to you. look forward to your comments.

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