Can we Last?


Pacts of a lifetime and covenants of fidelity,

The tongue  is teased by words which taunt

And yet indulging in idle, unneeded frivolity

The ghost of an annihilated memory rises to haunt.

The myriad lies as always get dissolved  fast

And she wonders, “Can me and you last?”

Sifting the grainy truth,

Interpreting the double meanings

Hindered by conjectures

Tired by nature’s screenings.

Will destiny please reveal itself, at last?

She still wonders, “Can me and you last?”

Embracing promises and new horizons,

Yet meeting the same dusty roads,

Casting off worries and emotional baggage,

And yet taking on heavier loads.

How can the future mutate into a remnant of the past?

Why does she still question, “Can you and me Last?”

Sheltering your shortcomings,

defending your mistakes,

But never ever, take it for granted

Do not forget what is at stake..

My heart is not enclosed and protected within an iron cast

If it breaks, she will know- me and you, we were never meant to Last.

© S.Mirza

16:40 p.m.

14 March 2009- Saturday


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