Forgive and Forget Myself?


And I always let go. I always let go. I always forgive. I always forgive. Is forgiving a sin? Is forgiving letting someone get away with crime and their conscious mistakes? Am i leading people to take advantage of me again and again just by forgiving them?

And you? you have blown my trust so many  times, and yet, i kneel, until my knees turn blue, forgiving and forgiving you, and hiding and gulping the pain and the hurt. And i forget. I forget. I forget everytime. I convince myself that things would be different- but you always prove me wrong. And the little me inside myself- taunts me- “Told you so”. *smirk*

I am destroying myself. Will i forgive myself? Will i forgive myself for the crimes i am committing against my life? Will i forget?

The blame is always on me.


3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget Myself?

  1. Forgiving someone’s sins is not wrong but I don’t agree with forgetting them. Keeping them in mind at least gives you some perspective on just what it is that you have been forgiving them for, sometimes at your own expense.

    Honestly, nobody is worth that much.


  2. I will not blame it on you.

    Forgiveness is a divine virtue. When you are consistently forgiving others, it indicates how sincerely you are interested to carry on a given relationship. It also illustrates that you are an optimistic person and carry a big forgiving heart. Not everyone is blessed with these assets. No one is like you. You are one and unique here.

    You are not destroying your life. In fact you are learning, gaining and developing new milestones of life. All this will help you a life to come, say after a few years. Tell your heart that you still think that things will change and you think right. They will change sooner or later. Almighty is examining your patience, show Him that you are good in it.

    Apologies if this post is an encroachment in your personal life,
    With compliments.

    • Thank you for the encouraging comment. However, when taken for granted for a really long time, you tend to snap and say, ‘Stop.’ That is how life goes.

      kind regards.

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