Saviour in Disguise

In the lonesome moments, a sudden despair hounds the entire soul. The weak heart carries a constant heavy burden; breathing it self becomes laborious . The limp body is tired. It carries the fatigue of centuries. Centuries of pain and despair, betrayal and the most taunting, EMPTINESS.The mind automatically freezes. No thought is good thought.

And then, a small cherub comes towards her and holds her finger and smiles the most angelic smile. The innocence and warmth contained in those small , dark brown eyes draws out a new person in her. She, ineluctably smiles. She picks the child up and places the child on her lap and plants a small kiss on her cheek. She tickles her irresistibly and the child’s bubbly laughter fills her ears and her heart. Her body is rejuvenated. She can breathe easily now. The burden over her heart feels much lighter than before. The child climbs down from her lap and trots towards her mother.

She can still feel the warmness of the child on her now empty lap.
She takes in a huge gulp of air and looks towards the sky and whispers, “Thank You God! ”

September 27, 2004 Mon 04:37 am


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