My Verdict

And they ask you questions
The answers to which they do not understand
And they talk of what ifs
Without realizing the power of Allah’s hands…

And they talk of personal wants
And the issues facing their lives
And the greed and wants they have
Conveniently forgetting the word realize

They draw an exclusion, tell you to sidestep the issue
And tell you that the same should not be considered
And then they give you a blow from another side
For them you look alright, when you feel disfigured…

For things need not be related to each other,
Or hold a pattern or a relation to you,
Some things should be taken in isolation,
And we should not wonder whether it’s false or true…

But how I ask, when you stab someone deep
Or involuntarily, push you down the steep,
And how when their words have an impact on you,
And about a breaking heart, they don’t have a clue?

Oh, but your ignorance is bliss, I must admit,
And since I am me after all, I shall submit,
For all the insensitivities, I shall always forgive,
My wants I shall diminish, and yours- I will give.

And when I stand head bowed on the judgment day,
The blame will be on me, no excuses I can say,
I chose to be the victim, I chose to not fight back,
Even when I knew the end- an abyss – eternally black.

© S.Mirza

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 8:29pm


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