Dehumanising the Human


Dark, Darkness, Darkening the Dark,
Soul succumbs to whispering demons
Inside, Outside, Inside- the cycle continues,
The hope for hope slowly diminishes

Sapphire eyes are afterall only stones
And tears a marvel, a miracle
for the Saddening Sadness, saddens the world
and Worried worries lose their charm.

Sarcastic Sarcasm smiles Sarcastically,
Cutting edge quips are knifing away.

When nothing could humanise the soul
Nothing could fill in the void, the hole,
Someone sees the unseen,
Despite the mouth, unbearingly mean.

Real Reality puts up a fight,
To pull down again into melancholia,
Appears a Ray of Light.

© S.Mirza

11 December 2008-Tuesday- 22:04 p.m.


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